Runaway Success

It started with heart disease.

Gavin, a 42 year old man; Thai boxing, running and eating a regular diet. He didn’t smoke, drank only occasionally and the main vice of chips was kept to a minimum (no deep fat fryer in his house).

He was by no means a lean runner – but neither was he fat.

Walking up a hill in Mallorca, he experienced back ache, jaw pain and struggled to breathe.

He put it down to stress, but a few tests later it was confirmed, a narrowing of his arteries and full blown heart disease.

A stent was fitted and he asked the consultant “will I be able to run”.

The consultant seemed hesitant – “you don’t have the arteries of a young man” he stated, with what seemed like sorrow.

Due to get married the year after and wishing to look his best, he started back at the gym.

Everything ached.  Joint pains, chest pains, sore knees, ankles swollen.  But he persevered.  The progress was slow and tough – made worse by the fact that the statins really did not agree with him.  He was visibly aged.

The problem was that there was still a big question of WHY.  Why did he get heart disease so young. 

A full review of his life showed two anomalies:

  1. He ran a law firm and had been through a really stressful period.
  2. He had been taking Lanzoprazole for 21 years.  There have been various claims that proton pump inhibitors can damage the lining of arteries.  Whether true or not (and who knows) he felt he wanted to stop taking them.

Regardless of whether it was stress, the claims about proton pump inhibitors or whether it was the dodgy kebab eaten one night – he decided to shake things up.

He realised that stress often affects the body so he tried to meditate and relax more in stressful situations.

He stopped taking Lanzoprazole and stopped taking statins.

He started taking curcumin following a recommendation from his friend and business partner.

Something worked.

The workouts became easier, the aches and pains went and he started toning up.

His runs went up from 3km (a struggle) to 10km and his Thai boxing once again felt right.

His cholesterol level dropped and went from 5.6 to 3.4 without statins and with still enjoying a bottle of red on a Saturday night, although his diet did now follow a plant based routine.

He felt he became younger.

He moved faster, ached less and actually had more energy than he was used to, even in his 30’s

Then it stopped.

Suddenly, he found that the aches were back.  He retained the fitness but his hips, knees, ankles and back all ached.

Looking again, he checked life changes.

The food was the same, he still wasn’t taking statins and the curcumin was part of his usual vitamins.

But here’s the thing; the curcumin was from a well known health food and supplement company rather than a supply he had previously bought from Ebay. 

And so it began.  His wife, worried about his health started on a mission to find out what was wrong.

Working as a Sales Manager for a global company she had the resources to buy in the available brands of curcumin and check what was actual curcumin and what was simply turmeric[1] sold in shiny packages.

A few weeks later, the verdict was in.

It’s a mess.

The truth is, the UK supplement market is a minefield.

The good stuff was direct from India – but here’s another problem; was it full of lead?  Was it contaminated?  Was it grown safely, organically and ethically?

One of the main suppliers in the UK has a claim that their product is “curcumin 12000mg C3 Complex”  – you literally cannot fit 12000 mg into a capsule and following the purchase and measure of theirs, it was found to be 500mg – quite a difference!

Fiona (the wife) was compelled to fix this.

She set out with one mission to provide a curcumin supplement which was EU approved, manufactured in the UK, organically tested and with clarity and honestly of all ingredients within each capsule.  She genuinely wanted to help people to live better, naturally.

We couldn’t capsule in the UK which gave us the right amount of curcumin at 95% curcuminoids, with an organic black pepper (increases absorption), so we bought the powder and made capsules for ourselves.  One yellow evening whilst making the capsules (curcumin stains everything is touches yellow), some fell on the floor and our chihuahua jumped in it, got it on her paws and managed to run all over the house….and Yellow Pup was born.

She actually gave up her job in early 2019 and since that time has managed to become the premium supplier of curcumin in the UK.  The dosage follows the multitude of trials carried out (just google curcumin and your ailment and see the results).

Now, still in its infancy, Yellow Pup is starting to fly off the shelves.  The mission statement has evolved and now the mission of Yellow Pup is to become the “European leader in natural food supplements, providing products based on integrity and passion”

As for Gavin, 6 months in from taking this product, he feels better than ever and can run after the kids or go toe to toe with people 20 years younger in the ring.

[1] Turmeric is the rhizome of the plant and is simply dried and ground to powder.  Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric and constitutes just 3% of Turmeric – so a clean and safe extraction without chemicals is the key to a great product.

We are so certain that our product will benefit you that we will guarantee that you will feel better after 60 days, or we will refund your last purchase. Please contact for further information.

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