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5 year ago, my seemingly healthy 42-year-old husband was diagnosed with heart disease. This took us hugely by surprise but, determined not to let it affect our healthy and active lifestyles, we looked for alternatives to prescription medicines, which quite frankly made Gavin (my husband) feel 20 years older.

We came across curcumin through a friend who was a trustee for a cancer charity and she suggested we should try curcumin, as she had been researching food supplements too.

Excited to be find a viable food supplement, we looked for this product called curcumin, which is an extract from turmeric and is the active ingredient within turmeric which makes it a well known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Unfortunately, we came across a lot of brands which claimed to be curcumin but was guised as turmeric and was not the curcumin extract, nor the high percentage of curcuminoids to reflect the results seen in the plethora of successful clinical trials.

We continued to search and eventually found the right supply which gave us the high daily dose of 880mg of curcumin extract at 95% curcuminoids, contained 40mg of black pepper extract and was fully organic so that we knew exactly what we put into our bodies – after all, this was something we wanted to know was safe and certified. We then felt assured to begin our curcumin journey.

To gain the right product we had to order the various components required in powder form and create these by hand in to capsules to take for our own consumption as we couldn’t find a capsule on the UK market which gave us all of the above benefits. I don’t know how many people have tried this, but I can verify that it is really messy! Yellow was upon us and no amount of bleach stopped bed clothes, floors, socks, children and dogs being tainted with yellow.

The benefits however outweighed the yellowness as we found relief for other issues. Relief from the pain of arthritic fingers and neck, relief from the excruciating pain of plantar fasciitis, relief from back ache, a relief to know that we are fighting oxidants, a relief to know that colds and viruses are now lower in frequency than previously, and a relief to feel younger than we have done in years.

We gave some capsules to my father in law who suffers a great deal of daily pain from spondylitis and chronic Osteoarthritis, wondering if it would help him find relief. It made such a difference for him that he could stop taking Naproxen and Omeprazole, as the curcumin became his new daily and natural anti-inflammatory.

There comes a point in your life where your desires and needs change and for myself and my husband our epiphany came not long after.

We’re both naturally people who want to help others, so I decided to take my Jerry Maguire plunge with my version of ‘the memo’ as my resignation from my position as Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland for a global company. Instead, I would spread the word about the positive effects of curcumin, and other natural products, to help make the changes to other peoples lives, which we and our community, have experienced first-hand.

And so Yellow Pup began…

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